About 3L Pastelerias

3L Pastelerias roots from the family’s grandmother, Alicia Luna Baeza. She started backing these cakes from her home in Mexico City back in 1982. Alicia had to feed a family of 12. Her inspiration and learnings came from evening classes she took at Colegio Italia where she learned her first steps in baking this cake before mastering the art and taking it to a new level. She passed her secrets to her daughter Alicia Silva who now has passed her skills to her daughter Elizabeth Silva, the founder of 3L Pastelerias Dubai. The tradition she started, is deeply rooted in the family. Today, the family operates some 40 bakeries in Mexico City.

What is actually the Tres Leches cake?

Tres Leches is essentially a sponge cake that after it is baked, it is perforated and soaked in a mixture of three different milk/dairy products. Hence the name Tres Leches which translates from Spanish to “Three Milks”. Since no butter is used in the cake, the Tres Leche cake is very light and with many air bubbles, making the cake extremely moist and light to consume. The art of a Tres Leche bakery is to give the cake this airy light moist consistency without making it soggy.As it a cake made with dairy and fresh ingredients it ideally should be consumed the same day or maximum next day, while it is kept in the refrigerator.

A bit of history about the Tres Leches cake

While many countries claim Tres Leche as their own, the most authentic roots are in Mexico. Recipes for this cake showed up in Mexico in the 19th century. It is believed first published recipes were from Sinaloa, Mexico. Nonetheless, today the cake has found its home in Latin America and is hugely popular across all countries of the region.

What make 3L Pastelerias cakes different

The cakes at 3L Dubai are baked with love and passion, finished in Artisan fashion by hand. We allow no automation. Only the freshest pure ingredients are used, hence no chemicals, additives, or starches. Our cakes are made without butter making them moist and light. It takes the families traditions and experience to produce the 3L cakes, that are layered and formed as a cake. This takes makes 3L cakes unique versus common tres leches cakes in the market which typically are simply a single layer sponge cake soaked in milk. Hence 3L cakes not only carry more intensive flavors and more ingredients, but are also more elegant and well suited for occasions.

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