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  • 3L Berries AED 260AED 420

    Our favorite mixed berries to use in this cake is a triple berry mix that consists of blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. These mixed berries provide just enough tartness to balance out the sweetness of the triple berry cake itself

  • 3L Matcha cake AED 260AED 420

    This matcha cake or green tea cake is a light & fluffy sponge cake flavored with matcha power, aka green tea powder. It’s a delicious Japanese cake that soft & fluffy!

  • Raspberry – Tres Leches Cake AED 260AED 420

    Tres Leches (Milk) Cakes. Great to share with family and friends or as a gift. Great for baby showers and corporate gifts.

  • Saffron – Tres Leches Cake AED 260AED 420

    Saffron Milk Cake is the Middle Eastern version of the famous tres leches cake (also known as three milk cake). Reach in aroma and flavour this combination is just the best fresh saffron and crunchy pistachios.

  • Pistachio – Tres Leches Cake AED 260AED 420

    Pistachio Milk Cake is a version of Mexican Tres Leches Cake that we love. In this recipe, ground Pistachios are added to the cake, in the Milk and course pistachios are scattered over the top. Making it taste like a giant Pistachio

  • Dulce De Leche – Tres Leches Cake AED 230AED 380

    Very unique taste, Cajeta is a caramelized goats milk very similar to dulce de leche.

  • Mango – Tres Leches Cake AED 230AED 380

    Fresh mango!!!! This cake is available in mango season (May – July) Layered and filled with mango mouse and covered with fresh mango cubes and sauce. Extra yummy!

  • Classic – Tres Leches Cake AED 210AED 340

    The BEST authentic homemade Tres Leches Cake. An ultra light cake soaked in a sweet milk mixture and topped with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon. This simple Mexican dessert is one of our favorites!

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